Designing high-security locks with thieves in mind

The general public is becoming more and more aware of the necessity of installing high-security locks in their home or place of business every day. Since the 1960s, locks have been designed and developed continuously to the point where they are now. There is no reason to leave your properties unprotected with a variety of affordable options available on the market, especially when taking into account the small investment in high-quality locks requires in comparison to the potential losses caused by break-ins.

Which would you prefer to use to secure your $150,000 house—a $50 standard lock that provides no protection or a $199 premium option that is nearly unbeatable? When you have finished reading these lines, we hope you will understand why reputable locksmiths across the nation don’t feel good about replacing low-quality locks, even though we occasionally have to.

For instance:

A steel lock has bolts that grip the door jamb firmly enough that, if it is struck, a regular door will typically give way before the lock, deterring potential burglars from entering through a back door.

A high security lock would have a solid brass collar that spins under pressure if it were to be wrenched, rendering the wrench useless.

In America, three million lock picks are sold each year, but not all of them end up in the right hands. A typical burglar can easily break a regular lock, but a high security lock requires such advanced skills that the likelihood of an intrusion is 100 times lower.

-A high-quality lock would have been designed with at least 2″ screws anchoring the strike directly to the property wall or building, preventing the door from being kicked in.

The best locks have specially placed steel inserts that give them the highest possible resistance to a drill attack when it comes to drilling ΚΛΕΙΔΑΡΙΕΣ ΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑΣ ΠΑΛΑΙΟ ΦΑΛΗΡΟ ALFINODOOR.

-The bolt itself is surrounded by heavy-gauge tubular steel that resists any crowbar attack when they pry the lock open with a crowbar.

-In doors near windows, the top deadbolts have a thumb-turnkey that is removed when additional security is required. This prevents thieves from breaking the glass to reach for the deadbolt.

Even though the list is longer, isn’t it reason enough to never again have a cheap lock installed in your home? We sincerely hope so, as the true lock manufacturers go above and beyond to create their products with thieves in mind, which can only be advantageous to you.

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