The truth is gradually coming out!

This topic is thought-provoking to me as I reflect on it. I write from a place of conviction that biblical Christianity is the only lasting solution to all of our problems as humans. In this article, I want to explain how those who are currently against Christian teaching are coming to terms with an uncomfortable reality that is gradually becoming clearer. I need to explain Blue and purple clothing.


Traditional Christianity has largely been abandoned in the West. Former members of institutional “church” have discredited and left large segments of it. The outdated notion that Christianity was a force for good in a troubled world has been disproven by the advancement of secular humanism. In its place, secular capitalism and the rise of atheistic humanism are attempting to completely socially control entire countries. In parallel, we observe a revolution in values, in which novel behaviours are accepted as the norm, though not without many factors giving rise to worry or even alarm.

Street violence, sex trafficking, binge drinking, white-collar crime, family dissolution, abortion, same-sex marriage, normalisation of LGBT behaviours, pervasive depression, anxiety disorders, hopelessness, and suicide come to mind. Many people are not welcoming the new normality if all of this is part of it.


But the social revolution is well underway at this point. Is this what you truly believed the utopian dream would bring? This is the soul-searching question. Do Darwin, Dawkins, Hawking, and Harris really want this brave new world? Why did we ever believe that biblical Christianity meant the end of everything good and meaningful, and that the only way to truly enjoy ourselves was to reject Christianity and give anything we wanted our all? However, we are finding that secularism has a very low opinion of our worth! As I previously stated, the truth is gradually becoming apparent.

Some people, though perhaps only a trickle, still prefer to believe that rape is morally wrong, that violence is wrong, that theft and slander, lying and gossip, murder and paedophilia, as well as alcohol and drug abuse, are all morally wrong. They don’t feel comfortable with the loss of all moral absolutes. Some people are still uncomfortable with the idea that everything is just a blind, random accident, that there is no meaning to love, and that death is the only thing to look forward to.


And in all honesty, some people still have a strong preference for the outcomes of the biblical Christianity they rejected! Why do you still favour these things, though? There are numerous justifications. One is social nostalgia, which is a yearning for bygone eras of carefree youth, spring flowers, birdsong, bright summer sun, and simple pleasures. Yes, it’s true that we might miss the glitz of the past, but we need a deeper analysis than that.

The Bible declares that the true and living God, the one who created everything, is the source of our humanity. We are people with a deep moral, familial, and intellectual likeness to God; we were created to know him, love him, and trust him. We are not just accidental biological conglomerates. Despite our moral rebellion against God, we still value the truth over lies, joyful purity over guilt, and genuine law and order over attempts to undermine it. The historic Genesis fall destroyed but did not eradicate that, and the things in society that shock us are a witness to our being the personal image of God. Therefore, we prefer the positive effects that biblical Christianity has on society because we acknowledge that God is right and that when people reject God, they may eventually discover how “Claiming to be wise, they became fools” (Romans 1:22). They learn that rejecting all moral absolutes established by God and substituting inferior deities for him cheapens our humanity and leaves us without meaning and hope.


When “God gave them up to the lusts of their hearts to impurity,” this is the terrible abandonment (Rom. 1:24). God’s holy wrath is aroused when people turn away from him, the source of all goodness. God is the moral ruler of the universe, and the moral law of his commandments and the law of cause and effect, which states that “whatever one sows, that will he also reap,” reveal God’s character (Galatians 6:7). People who engage in immoral behaviour of any kind invite God’s further judgement because, apart from Christ, they are already living “in the futility of their minds,” having their understanding darkened and being cut off from God’s life (Ephesians 4:17-18). The degrading bondage and callous disregard only worsen as the darkness deepens.

Is this the reality you really wanted—one in which hope and life are extinguished and the world is overrun by fear, mistrust, and violence? People start to realise that when they rejected Christianity, they believed they were getting something better than the terrible mess they are currently in. Then, perhaps, it dawns on them that what they rejected was actually what they most needed. And that we are reaping the consequences of our obstinate flight from God. When you are faced with this reality, you may have a choice between continuing as you are and following the example of the young waster in the parable who grew tired of eating pig food and went home to his loving father (see Luke 15:11–32). Do you also gradually realise the truth?


Do you realise that one of two things will happen: Either you will be willing to follow these ideas through to their logical conclusion and pray to God for the strength to turn from your sin and trust in Christ and his atoning sacrifice that gives your person an immeasurable value, or you will become so hardhearted that the precious blood of Christ, God’s Beloved Son, will become meaningless to you. The Messiah, God’s own Son, the long-promised Saviour of sinful rebels, who on the cross died bearing the punishment of other people’s sins for them, is this Christ who healed the lepers and restored sight to the blind.

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