UV radiometer (6)

Probe Design Radiometers to determine UV in tough to accessibility areas

UV Light Meter UV Intensity Meter Ultraviolet Radiometer LS126C 254nm for UVC Germicidal Lamps Intensity Testing.

Here the UVpad is preferably fit for dimensions and comparison of UV lights and UV LEDs. With its ingenious measuring concept, it does not use optical filters. Our hand-held radiometers RMD as well as RM-12, in addition to panel meters RM-31 and also RM-32, are specific UV tools with externaluv sensing units. With eight conventional spooky arrays, we offer the appropriate sensor for a lot of applications.

Terminals allow for link to a radiometer making use of bare cables or 4mm banana plugs. The tiny dimension, internal batteries and also global input makes the Meteon an optimal system for field testing applications with the NRLite 2, CUV5, PQS1 or the SP Lite 2 and also CMP series pyranometers. The SGR3 is a Smart Pyrgeometer, made to provide atmospheric dimensions of downward atmospheric long wave radiation. The SGR pyrgeometers vary from the CGR pyrgeometers by consisting of a Modbus user interface as well as intensified analogue result.

A radiometer can be utilized to measure the transmission rates of different wavelengths with substratums that occasionally soak up different regularities of power. To ensure a reliable treating procedure it is critical to determine the light intensity reaching the remedy site listed below any kind of stepping in substrate. The Meteon is an exact portable display UV radiometer screen and also information logger designed specifically for the measurement of solar irradiance in mix with Kipp & Zonen pyranometers as well as radiometers. The Meteon will log approximately 3500 samples, storing min, max and also typical value per logging period. The Meteon information logger is supplied with a touch bring case, software, USB cable and batteries.

  • Radiometer with wide spooky feedback for measuring of atmospheric irradiance in the UV-An and UV-B range.
  • . The system is straightforward to operate and also can be regulated manually via 4 switches on the faceplate or by a USB remote interface.
  • It is not feasible to derive the separate parts of UVA as well as UVB from CUV 5 measurements however an appropriate UVS series radiometers can be used for this application.

The SGR3 uses a thermopile detector that discovers radiation in a spooky range of 4.5 to 42nm. The SGR3 utilize a flat silicon window with an inner slim film finish to filter out short-wave solar radiation but enables infrared radiation to get to the broadband thermopile detector. The SGR3’s Modbus interface give extra and also amplified analogue outputs (4-20mA or 0-1V). The intensified and Modbus user interface enables systems to be easily switched out without the need for any kind of adjustments to associated monitoring equipment.


The ILT800 CureRight is a feature-rich profiling UV healing radiometer that provides unparalleled adaptability and also capability not found in any various other system. Its adaptability permits teh unit to determine lights utilized for UV curing as well as for many various other applications such as sanitation/ disinfection, lithography, and also a lot more. The system has actually been designed with the differing needs of its customers in mind, and also can be set up as well as tailored to your distinct atmosphere. For measurements in UV belt systems, theuv sensorsare built right into tinyTracker and also TrackerUSB.



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