What Impact Does Marijuana Have On Your Mental Health?

While there is little question that using cannabis before driving a car or going to work is risky, the effects of cannabis on health, particularly mental health, have been the subject of heated discussion for years. So what does science have to say?

Before we discuss what science and study have to say, it’s critical to understand that cannabis is a commonly used drug. It is the most extensively used illicit substance in many nations, and this is true throughout much of the world. Its cultivation is permitted in some places and is a part of our culture. Politicians now frequently confess to having at least tried it once in order to appear more human.

However, Dispensaries in Ottawa cannabis store consuming it occasionally and regularly are two different things, and frequent users are the ones who are most at risk. Because there is little question that cannabis use can have a negative impact on mental health and lead to a host of problems.

Credible research has linked cannabis use to problems like:

hallucinations, delusions, and psychosis. To this list, you can also add unclear thinking, emotional and behavioral disorders, and hushed speech.
We’ve all heard of the specific mental condition known as schizophrenia. Cannabis has been shown to increase the risk of schizophrenia in persons who are already predisposed to the condition. The majority of people who are at risk for schizophrenia are unaware that they are, making a casual joint of marijuana more dangerous than you may imagine.
Cannabis use is also frequently believed to contribute to depression, though there is no conclusive evidence to support this. The research does indicate that cannabis users are more likely to experience depression than non-users, albeit the precise mechanism by which this occurs is unknown. It might just be due to the widespread misconception that marijuana makes people happier, although the opposite is sometimes true.
Additionally, problems including anxiety, panic attacks, a lack of desire, exhaustion, and trouble concentrating might affect cannabis users.
Young people’s suicides are also influenced by cannabis use.
What does this evidence suggest, then? Do you want to try cannabis? Should you stop using if you’re a frequent user?

The use of cannabis carries risks, just like the use of any drug, even ones that are legal, like alcohol and tobacco. You might be lucky enough to consume cannabis frequently for the rest of your life without experiencing any problems.

The best advise is probably very straightforward: stay away from cannabis if there is a history of mental illness in your family. It’s simply not worth the risk when there is ample data to suggest that a cannabis user who has a family history of mental illness is more likely to experience mental health issues.

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